BEOCOM 9000  for GSM 900MHz(type 1511) and NMT network(type 1512)
Bang &Olufsen BEOCOM 9000 was one of Bang & Olufsen's mobile telephones.
It was available in TWO models that used either the NMT network or the pan-European GSM network.
The size of a glasses case and weighing under 300 grams,
Beocom 9000 performed with the longest talk time on the market at the time of its introduction,
relative to its weight PHONE (original ERICSSON GH197)



Beocom 9000












With High Capacity Battery NC 2500

Type 1511 - GSM 900MHz
Type 1512 - NMT network

Talk Time up to : 4 Hrs  30 Mins
Stand by time up to: 60 Hrs  0 Mins

Size 60x 145x 30 mm 

Introduced in 1993

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